Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, Taxes, blah,splat!

     Okay this is just as much fun as it was last year.  I am tired and I am not even 1/2 done.  I have a ton of sewing to do.  I am not getting any sewing done.  Frustrated.  I don't know why my files are such a mess.  Then I got to thinking.  We refinanced the house and I tore through everything in the businesses especially to prove income and then I did not put it back and the bank did not give back many of my records.  So trying to prove up has been miserable.  But I will schlogg along as it must be done.

     I did have a no spend day yesterday, so that was great.  Maybe I can get one in today also.  But I do beleive Hubby will fill up car.  If I don't sew I don't get money.  I will have to get at least the prom dresses done, and a few pairs of jeans for a woman.  I still added to my sealed pots yesterday.

     Out My Window: We had a Chinook come through last night.  Very warm like 52 at 10 p.m.  But what terrible wind it brought with it.  Gusting all night.  Now they are saying snow is in the forecast

     I did however get all of the important costumes ordered.  If you don't order by the end of January, you can't get what you want.  Then you are stuck with the more expensive models.  I was able to get all the ballet stuff ordered.  Except, Cinderella, the mother and the step sisters and I think we will make these.  I still have many other costumes, but these will be ordered in parts which are easier.  It took me all morning.  I was just going to order the pumpkins, but then I checked on the availability of another costume and was told it was sold out in several sizes.  So I panic and I needed to and sat down and ordered it all!
  But I hate worrying about the Spring show when the Celtic Show is so close.  I need to worry about those costumes.

     Well, I am going back to tax hell.  Pray for me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Tax hell...sigh..that is right where I am. But I am still waiting for the papers from the kids schools and one stock form that they say they mailed but it isnt here yet:(

  2. Tax hell here too!....double
    If I had a dollar for every form I had to wait for to get this boat launched...geez!
    It's a whole lot of hurry up and wait right now. I just want to be able to do them for gosh sakes!!
    Feeling your pain.....

  3. Thank goodness I got all my stuff together the first week of January, just waiting for DH W-2. If I wait past that week, I am trudging along till March, other things come up and get in the way. Good Luck, so feeling your pain!

  4. Still waiting on forms here - they don't have to get forms to us until the end of February!! So while I'm chomping at the bit to get started I'm just spinning my wheels. Maybe I could help you lol! Never mind, I wouldn't have a clue...though I find having several glasses of wine helps the time pass a little more pleasurably:)

  5. I'm still waiting for the forms too! I don't have anything yet!! But good luck on your taxes. It sure is a pain to do them.