Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday, this week is dragging

     I am with Mysti, impatient to get somewhere financially.  But I have no money and paychecks are few.  I went to the School district yesterday to get the paycheck I did not get from the play I did that should have been deposited last month on the 20th.  It will be deposited this month on the 20th.  So you work with kids 3 days a week for two hours after school for 10 weeks and then wait 3 months for a paycheck.  One more nail in their coffin.  I am so glad I am done!  My shop has been really slow this week also.  But whenever I say that I get bombed so I want to be careful.
     I hope I don't have to spend any money today.  Although I know the truck needs gas and I have a prescription to pick up.  Always something.

     Out My Window:  It has been very sunny here and warm (50's) I keep waiting for a cold snap!   Chickens are fed and happy.

      I will balance the studio account today and get a few bills paid, then see where I stand as far as a budget is concerned.  Am I putting it off because I don't want to know? Or am I really this busy?  I seem to be doing something all the time.  I know this.  My emergency fund is at $1000.00.  I will pay all the bills and fund the studio savings hopefully $1000.00.  I have a print out for a debt snowball, but I don't know if it will work.  Oh I get it I have to make it work?  Silly me!  I thought there was a debt fairy that did that?

Have a great and productive Day



  1. Wow 3 months?! That's way too long.

    The weather here seems to keep bouncing back and forth. Yesterday the high was around 30 degrees, and tomorrows the high is 65.

  2. We just need a jumpstart....JUMP!

  3. YOU are the debt fairy my dear! Get made at it and be done with it. Then it will start to go away. "Sounds" easy... but that's where the easy part stops.

    It was -13F (-25C) here yesterday! I'll take your 50's anyday!

  4. You can make it happen! I like the idea of a print out - a nice visual reminder of progress. :-)

  5. That's crazy that they've made you wait so long; I hope it gets worked out soon!

  6. I'd be so angry of I had to wait 3 months to be paid. I hope we can all keep this urgency that we all seem to have with our bills and debt repayment for the entire year.

  7. I'm sorry but for debt it's a troll - the Debt Troll. They wait for you under every bridge and on every corner and club you over the head with a new debt. Sheesh, I thought you KNEW that!