Sunday, January 29, 2012

sunday night chit chat

  Okay:  I am

Reading: the Kestral's Flute, fantasy written by a 13 year old Idaho man published at 17.  Fast read.  Tolkien had to start some where.

Watching: will watch Dowton Abbey at 9.  The only TV I will watch all week.

Baking: chocolate cake. I just cut a piece and sat down at the computer and now it is gone.  I hate that when you get a goodie and then you eat it and don't realize it.  I know it is not hubby as he is at orchestra practice.

Listening to: silence I love it.  Although I also love the Celtic Thunder group Judy, I just dance to them.

Happy I accomplished this week:  Most of the taxes!  Oh what a relief.

Thankful for, My new camera!! Yes, here are some really bad practice pictures!

                                          Will I get this arthritic foot into a dress shoe today?

                                          Corner of bedroom just redone, daughter's TV needs
                                            to go bye-bye.


to answer your question yes I did get shoes on, but now can I turn off the flash?
Remember the knobs I installed a few weeks ago?

Two of my favorite Carl Larsen prints in my Mothers room  The one on the left is called Sunday Morning. and the other is called Mother lives.
I can take great pictures of the floor.  This was my Mother's bedroom set as a young woman, I replaced the knobs and repainted it years ago.  But this was the original color.
Grandmothers' sewing bench recovered! Don't forget he floor!
Working on the flash.
Dining room, with viola case, by the way Hubby made the side cupboards, mirror and candles steins, he is quite the rough carpenter.  Table came from an old house in Sweden.  My house is done in early attic. Complete with a ghoul who has not learned to turn off her flash.

Oh Carla and friends you may so regret the challenge.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath!
Kim!  Now I can't get the darn thing  off center.......


  1. So basically you spent your whole post "flashing" us :) I love older furniture. It is so much sturdier and better made then the new stuff. I have my great grandmoms set and the girls have my grandmoms. Love every piece and if you could pack up that sewing bench and send it to me I would be so greatful.

    Both of my girls did Irish dancing growing up and although I loved it I was kind of glad when they stopped because the costumes and shoes were so expensive!!!

  2. Congrats on the new will be a pro in no time.

  3. Love the knobs! They really make the white furniture "pop"

  4. Nothing like playing with a new camera. I envy you. Not too bad of photos once you get to tame your flash!

  5. What kind of camera? The pictures came out so clear! Nice!

  6. Re your last sentence - are you yelling at yourself?!? I like the colour of your mom's furniture, kind of an icy bluey greyish colour. Here's another tip re flash - when taking a pic through glass or in a mirror take it from a 45 degree angle instead of straight on:) Oh yes, I took photography lessons about 30 years ago...I even remember one or two of them...well, maybe just one. Practice, practice, practice!

  7. Your furniture is gorgeous! It's so "shabby chic"! I'm in love with it!! Loving' all the pics! What a nice treat!! :)