Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, keeping things positive!

     That would be a great name for a PF blog.  Keeping things positive!  Both in numbers and in life.  Positive balance, positive attitude.  They sure go together.  Obviously keeping the attitude up is harder, as we can sure witness many people with positive bank balances that are miserable.  But I can say from personal experience that maintaining a positive bank balance sure helps your(my) attitude.  
   I did not get a no spend yesterday, drat.  But I hope to get one in today.  Even though last weeks spending was more than I wanted my totals for personal spending are way down.  Of course it is only the 11th and things could get ugly later, but right now it looks pretty good.  Spent $9.56 on groceries.  Last night after we cleaned I dropped Hubby off at house, explaining to him I needed to run to the store.  He is on a diet and stores make him hungry.  I planted this in his head as I knew if I took him with me he would find something for me to spend money on. Notice he never spends money.  He has me do it.  So he can have someone to blame when there is no money.  Clever man, but I am learning!:)
   I actually made him start carrying a check book a few years ago so he could write checks for gas.  This has been good and bad, but he has to spend money and realize how much it costs him to commute.  When I would tell him that gas was costing over 1/4 of his already dismal take home pay he would not beleive me.  Now he writes the checks and he knows.  This led to a car pool, which is very helpful.  But when I tell him I want to go on a cash basis (Like right now)  he uses the checkbook anyway, then I am running to play catch up.  You can't have everything.  But I sure want it.
     By the way gas is down to $3.12 here and up north 100 miles it is under $3.00 a gallon.  I hope it continues to drop, but it will probably jump in the spring as it usually does. The truck is full, so unless we go some where out of town, which I doubt this will last until next month. Hubby will have to fill the car again Thursday night.
     I was able to take in $44.00 yesterday so the housekeeping fund is fully funded.  I have $144.00 in my wallet.  I will put $35.00 into the fridge fund.  Hopefully more will come in today, so I can add to it, but I also must remember that we will have to have some money for groceries this weekend.  Hubbies brother may be coming up for a visit,  I have almost $200.00 in gift certificates to restaurants, so we can go out if he comes.  I won't have to foot that bill.  Remember my goal for the fridge this week is $100.00.

     Out My Window:  It clouded up yesterday and daughter called to say that it snowed at her place.  We hardly get snow, although it is much colder today.

     I have to meet with my teachers tonight to story board the spring show.  I have plenty of sewing to do and at least two more winter ball dresses coming in today.  If all goes well I am well on my way to a great month.  Yeah 2012!  This is our positive year.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. I paid 3.35 a gallon this morning :( This is one of the reason I am glad my new job is 3-12 hour shifts.

    One good thing about will hating food shopping is that he never asks to go. His weakness though is wawa I wont even let him go in to pay for gas anymore because he will come out with something. Something about all the pretty food.

    Yay on the sewing!!!!!

  2. Lucky you that gas has gone DOWN. It has gone up here....about $3.63 a gallon.

    At 1/3 of the month are doing terrific!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post on my blog! By the way, if you want the sidebars that I have, you can do it here:

    It's easiest to visualize debt and savings goals this way. Good luck!

  4. Wow that's great price for gas! Also, it must be a man thing--they don't spend money and wonder where the money went while we ladies spend money on THEM. Ayayay Good luck on the fridge fund!

  5. Yeah, our gas is nowhere near that LOW here darn it! You seem to have $$ trickling in at a steady rate - you'll have that fridge paid off in NO time!

  6. Wow, our gas prices seem to be on the rise, I was starting to wonder where they were going down! Can we get a bit of those savings? It jumped from $3.14 to $3.35 in a matter of 2 days last week and it's up to $3.40. Sucks. I hope he's also keeping a list of his expenses vs his income for when he has to balance his books. That will REALLY give him a perspective of what's going on.