Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, Taxes are done! Well maybe...

     I am done!  I still have not received the interest statement from our new mortgage department. I also have not received anything from B's or S's college.  But I will take them in as is,  and add that latter.  I also have to get a few address and Id numbers for I99's but I can do that later also.  I am going to clean up the dining room and take that box a file it under the stairs!  I always think that we are paying less interest or that we have made more money, or have paid less taxes, but it always looks about the same.  I always owe the State and get enough back from the Feds to pay the State  and have a little extra.  I don't care as long as I don't owe a huge sum to the Feds!  Which I can't see happening as figures have not changed that much.  If one column goes up by $500.00 the other goes down.
     Now I am very behind in the shop!  I must get busy,busy.  I have a fridge that needs, $100.00 by Friday.
 I have two dresses that will almost do that and some pants that will be picked up today.  I am sure I can do this.

     Out My Window:  There is no snow in the back yard, I can hardly beleive it.  It had at least 6 inches on Monday, but between rain and the strong Chinook, it is gone.  It looks barren and soggy and sad.

     This soda and fridge thing might tun out to be a good deal.  I was able to put at least $4.00 in my coin bank and $5.00 in my dollar pig yesterday.  I notice on the days that advance kids dance I have more sales.  Fine with me.  Where else can you get a can of soda or a large bottle of water for .50.  I am still making well over a 100% profit.  Plus it is fun to see the pig grow fat!

     Need to hit the shower, and hit the sewing machines after I make a few phone calls!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Hope you get lots done in the shop today! :)

  2. Wishing you a very productive day! And I'm with you - now that the snow has melted, everything is a soggy mess.

  3. Good for you for finishing with your taxes! And you have a great and productive day!!

  4. I had a very productive day thanks! I'm in the process of getting my students' schedules set for the second semester which begins Feb. 6. And creating new resources for them to use with their EAs. Next up is report cards! Fun fun fun!

  5. Good luck catching up! Knowing you itll be done in no time flat!!

  6. I am still making well over a 100% profit. Plus it is fun to see the pig grow fat!


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