Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, out of touch

     I feel so out of touch, I don't know if it was having company or just the intensity of the company.  BIL left yesterday morning and I realized that  this is the week of the winter ball I have several dresses that need to go out.  I also have at least 30 pairs of trousers that need altered. Since BIL could not be left alone and had to read over my shoulder I decided to get right in the shop.  Sewed $150.00 before I left for the studio.  I know it was a National Holiday yesterday but I am self employed and we only take off a few of these a year.

     The college starts today so I have 11 teaching hours to fill, but I will combine some of them and drop others.  It is no fun to be in a class with 2 students.  I am seriously thinking of dropping this program next year.  We can all see right now it is not a financially feasible program.  But we are in it for the year.

     You would be very proud of me.  I had volunteered to go and  clean the Green Room at the local High School on Monday morning.   Because I have worked in the Fine Arts dept for 20 years I know where every thing goes.  Also I am fast worker.  But when I got up and realized how much work I had to do, I did not go in.  I thought, if I do go and clean for 4 hours I will be SO behind and it will stress my whole week.  This is a year of less stress. So although I felt guilty I did not go.  They costumed the show and called and gave me notes on what will be needed. I will need to redo or make at least 9 costumes but that is doable.

  I also have many Celtic costumes to make and a number with ghosts and wolves so I will have to come up with those.  Tonight is Celtic night and I will figure out who needs what and go from there.  I do beleive that I will have at least 25 dresses.  So I had better get busy.  The parents pay for these and I do make a profit.  Not large but enough to offset the shop.  No more giving my time away.  Then scrambling to pay bills.  That is over.  Less stress remember.  But I do have to stay on top of things and I will.

     I spent $2.97 yesterday and I forgot we need milk!  So I will have to go back to the store. Drat.

     The company we clean for is doing an overhaul and cutting wages, I don't know if we are affected.  If we are do we stay?  If we don't stay how do we pay bills?  I am waiting.  Hubby wants to stay so we will see.

     I need to get into shop and get busy as I have to be at the college by 2 p.m. Then 3.p.m. and then teach at 5:30 so I should be able to get some sewing done today.

     Out My Window:  It has snowed the last 3 mornings.  We are finally getting some moisture.  It does not stick here and has been warm during the day.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Glad you didn't go in and clean. Stress is not a good thing.

    You must be an incredible seamstress with all the sewing you do! I am in awe.

    Hope things work out with the company you clean for!

  2. Would your husband do the banks without you? Maybe it would give you a little breathing room for yourself for a bit to just..be

  3. Hope today will be better for you!

  4. It rained here yesterday and the little snow we had is gone once again. Then we had a flash freeze so a little worried about the roads this morning. Kim - it is OK to say no, and I'm so glad you did. See how aware of your stress level you are becoming? Well done!!

  5. Can we borrow a few hours of snow? It's the middle of January and we had a 62 degree weather last night! Also, don't forget to unwind. Dont let work get the best of you.