Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, I paid off the furniture!

     Yes, the paycheck from the school arrived last night and I went down and paid off the bedroom set.  It is mine, it is beautiful and I paid no interest!  I also have $450.00 in the fridge fund.  I thought it was about $300.00 but several people picked up and walla it is $450.00.   I am almost there.

     I will spend the majority of my week doing taxes.  Yuck!  So I will not have a great sewing week.  I will do what I have to and I hope to make at least $500.00 but we will see.  I will need more work to come in.  Hubby has been having terrible pains in his ankles for several months.  We are going to go and get new boots for him.  His everyday work boots are 4 years old and really worn down at the backs and on the sole.  I am hoping that this will help.  I hate to see anyone struggle to walk in the morning, I have been there to often myself.  He is not a complainer so I know that this is serious.  It is hell to get old.  I really do not want to pay for boots right now, but I see no choice.

     I also went to Wal-Mart last night to get some celery and yogurt.  I purchased a silver china pig bank to keep in the shop.  I have my large China pink pig in my bedroom for my sealed pot challenge and all my spare change.  I will put all my $1,s from selling pop at the studio in the silver bank.  Once I have the fridge paid for, all I have to pay is the difference between the soda and water.  I decided to fund this out of the studio as it is not an excessive amount of money.  I will save the rest in this bank.  There is $9.00 in there so far in bills.  This won't be a great deal of money but it will help with something next Christmas.

     There has been talk on the blogs of doing this no low spend challenge again as most of us have done so well.  I don't see that we have not spent any money, what I see taking place is that we question ourselves before money is spent.  This is making the difference.  Do I need this?  Yes I need celery for the funeral dish I am making but do I need the sausage that was on sale?  No.  So I don't buy it.  I beleive that if this were a habit for all of us we would all do better with our goals.  Everything I purchase I ask myself, is this part of the challenge?  Does this count?  It really makes me stop and think about how I spend.

     No spend days are a big help also.  If I can just get home tonight without spending any money.  Stay out of the stores.  This helps a lot. I am a compulsive spender, and will justify purchases because they are on sale. If I don't see the sale I don't think I have to have that because I am saving so much money.  No you big idiot you are spending money.

     Out My Window:  Snow is melting fast and now we are worried about flooding.  Our storm drains are not equipped to take the mess.  We are fine as we are on the hill but the studio is downtown.

     I need to run a salad up to a funeral and then I am going to make myself pull all the tax paperwork upstairs.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I spent an hour just now, going over taxes with the daughter before she leaves to go back to college tomorrow.
    Fun, fun, right?lol

    Congrats on paying off the furniture!

  2. That's good - you're thinking the way I'm thinking. I spend too, but question every single purchase and 95% or more of the things I pick up I put back on the shelf. A year ago I wouldn't have done that, I would have popped it into my basket and not worried about the cost. I love how much more aware I am and plan to continue spending consciously. To me it's just a way of life not just a challenge for a month and then back to spend spend spend!

  3. I'm spending most of my week doing taxes too, yuck!

  4. Congrats on paying off the furniture!

    I intend to keep doing a low/no spend challenge into February... like you, I think before every purchase... not a bad thing!

  5. Great work! One less thing to think about. I'm looking forward to all my paperwork coming in so I can get my taxes done. Hopefully it goes smoothly getting yours done.