Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, Late post

     Well, I am not only going to do Carla's low no spend challenge in February,  I HAVE too.  Ran my end of the month numbers and I was very good last month.  Not perfect but I did get to pay off the fridge.  The problem is February is a month with a lot of extra expenses.  Both of our daughters will have major moves and want our help.  By help I mean getting to their houses and helping them move.  So that is extra gas.  It is also my oldest daughter's B-day, grandson's  B-day, Aunt's B-day, Valentines Day.  I have to pay the accountant when  the taxes are finished.  Ascap fees are due, and I will need to pay the Roto rooter service for last month as the bill just came.  I almost want to give up. Lest I forget my specialist's bill just came and I owe $236.00 of his $811.00 bill.  Is it just me or do you think I am always paying medical bills?

     In addition Hubbies boots were $292.00.  I knew he needed new ones, but I was blown away by the price.  He wears a 9.5 the most common size and has very narrow flat feet.  Hence the need for a built up insole with a high top to prevent ankle turns in the woods.  His last pair were $135.00 but we got them on a 1/2 price sale.  That was 4 years ago.  These were not on sale.  But his old ones split across the sole bottom so it wasn't like we could wait.  Now I am behind.  Crap!

     It is okay, just for today I am fine.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear, people who love me.

     Out My Window: Sunny and warm today almost 50!  If we are not careful we will have crocuses blooming by Valentines Day.

     I still have a great deal of work in the shop and also all the sewing for the Celtic show.  I will make it, it is just going to be tough.  I also must realize that I save a great deal of money every month.  Savings comes first right off the top.  10% off hubbies gross before we even see a check. I fully fund a IRA.  I am also putting $500.00 a month in a studio savings.  These things are not options.  Everything else besides set bills is negotiable.  I will just have to work smarter. I am also going to tell my housekeeper  to just come every other week.  I have no kids at home and this house is clean.  Every two weeks for the dog and cat hair and the heavy bathroom work is enough.  I must cut my coat to fit my cloth.

     I have so many de-cluttering projects for the month.  Can't wait to get started!

Have a good evening.



  1. I love that saying, I may have to steal it - I must cut my coat to fit my cloth! Brilliant, and you being a seamstress and all! Those are a lot of bills to be sure but I know you can do pretty much anything once you put your mind to it.
    Hey, why no pictures today?

  2. OK, I have a question...maybe this is because of who I have for parents....but....

    Why are you constantly paying for stuff for your adult kids? I can certainly understand a little motherly help. But it seems that they EXPECT that you will do it. If you said....sweetie, here is $50, best of luck to ya....what would they do?

    My parents never helped me move, paid for items for a new home, or anything like that. They said, figure it out. Just like my student loans....they paid the interest on it while I was in school, but never paid a dime again.

    Just a judgement...

  3. How far are your daughters moving, Kim? Your hubby's boots were crazy expensive... Ouch! We found hubby's boots on sale for $60 this year & I was quite happy with that deal! Good luck in February!!

  4. It can be concerning when you see too many new/unusual bills coming in at once, but we do what we have to do. Sounds like a busy month, but don't let that scare you. Write it all down so you have a good visual of what's going on.

  5. Hang in there! I hope Feb shapes up for you. My hubby needs new boots too, Grrr! They are expensive, but WOW! Usually can get by with $130-$150 for a pair. YIKES!