Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday, posting late today!

     I had a hair appointment this morning and I was up late last night sewing so I was up late this morning.  I only get my hair cut and colored every 6 months.  I thought about the low now spend challenge and that I also had this on the books for 6 months so I went ahead and did it.  I would have done this the first of February any way.  It looks great and I cut off probably 5 inches.  So you can see what a sheep dog I looked like.  A grey frizzy sheepdog.  It feel so much better.

     I had to up one of my meds under doctors orders and it is making me very sick to my stomach.  Now I don't mind getting sick from eating brownies for breakfast but I hate these meds that keep me in a constant state of nausea.  The alternative is not being able to move my hands or walk so I will take the lesser of the two evils.  I still hate it.  I am grouchy and I feel sorry for myself.  Okay I am done with this.

     I still have a great deal of sewing to be picked up and I need to get to work on the taxes!  Ugh!  They are due out next Friday.  What have I been doing with my time, besides, eating brownies and watching Harry Potter?  Shame on me can't you bloggers keep me on track?  What is wrong with you guys anyway?

     I sure have saved money this month with the challenge, but I really need to clean the desk and pay a few bills.  Also send out 4 late notices.  Yes, $80.00 for my snowflake to debt.  My spending is down by 1/2.  We have a potluck tonight at church, so I need to go figure out what to make.

Out My Window:  I am convinced that the chickens don't like the inversion and snow.  Egg production is off by 70%.  We give away over 1/2 the eggs anyway so it really does not matter.  Roads are drying up but we still have a ton of snow here.

     By the way I am going to be able to pay at least $1000.00 to the Visa along with my Christmas tree return means I will have paid off over $1200.00 this month and next month should be better.  I have a few smaller bills that are due next month that are yearly charges.  But they still total almost $900.00 so I need to watch every penny.

    I just had another $120.00 picked up so I have almost 300.00 in the fridge account!  Yippee!  Thank you Carla for offering this challenge.

Have a great and productive Friday evening!



  1. Excellent job paying off your debt and adding to your snowflake!

  2. hmmm snowflakes in the snow? Anyway I am glad you took some time for yourself to rest and now you go and get a cut and color. You will girl you!!!

  3. Yes, am loving this month's challenge too. I hope to continue to no/low spend very mindfully next month and the month after...I feel like I'm in a good rhythm with my spending and talk myself out of almost every purchase. Love it!
    I'm glad you don't look like a grey fuzzy sheepdog anymore:)

  4. Good idea to go and get spruced up at the hair dressers.... especially if you looked like a frizzy sheepdog! (I can relate!) Hopefully you can adjust to the meds and not feel so sick very soon!

    Great work on the cc payment!! And a nice bit in late fees!(thank you slackers!) And the fridge money is quickly adding up. You are doing amazingly!

  5. Great Job! You are really hitting that Visa hard! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Kim, you are doing great with the finances!! Perhaps we should continue in Feb.?? :)!

    I'm sorry about the nausea from the medicine. I hate feeling that way...but if given a choice I'd rather move my arms and legs. Wish you didn't have to put up with either!!

  7. Thats a great payment on the Visacard! well done!
    hope you are feeling a bit better soon.