Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, Off we go!

     I am headed to the studio this morning to gut out the closet up stairs and to put everything away!  My youngest is going with me.  I will then teach for 3 hours, but I will put in at least 5.5 hours in class.  I am excited. I miss the kids.  This time of year is always scary as people don't come back and tuition can take a real hit.  I mean up to $1000.00 a month.  We don't want that to happen.  I am going to stay positive.  We only had a couple of parents approach us about leaving and several new so it should be a wash!

     I still have not taken down any Christmas stuff so this has to be done.  It won't be done today or tomorrow!  Maybe Wednesday.  I also have major cleaning and tax things to do.  Check books to balance, files to set up for the new year.  I want to get a budget printed (tentative).  I also have a few bills to pay and I need to get busy.  It has been a nice break, I really haven't pushed myself.  I just wish it was one week longer!

     I wonder when the shop phone will start ringing.  I have a wedding dress to go out this week.  My husband bought me a professional steamer for Christmas.  I can now steam wedding dresses.  This will be my first.  I charge $35.00 and hour for my time.  So this might be a way to make more money this year.

     Out My Window:  I am sending hubby out in the yard to mow down the blackberries  This is the only thing growing right now and they are soft.   By spring they will blend in and be as hard as a rock and tortuous to remove!

    If I am not too tired tonight I will set up a budget, but I think I will be in bed when I get home.  I am getting old.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. All of my Christmas stuff is up. Yuck I hate taking it down.

  2. I bet your shop phone will be ringing before you know it. I have a question for you....I have to have a dress altered for my daughter. Any idea what a decent price should be? It is pretty straight forward!!

  3. I don't think you will be tired tonight because you are getting old. I'd be asleep at the front door if I even did half of what you do!

  4. My tree is still up. I've removed the decorations however and now just need Michael to take it outside. Decorations are in their bins but can't store them yet as the workmen are still in the basement replacing hot water tank. Things are progressing verrrrrrrry slowly!