Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, feeling better!

     Well I walked down the stairs this morning like a normal person.  I also was able to take the top off my yogurt, open the back door to the chicken coop, brush my teeth, set my hair, and then brush it without extreme pain.  I can open and close my hands, and I have not dropped one thing this morning.  I love the good days they are so few and far between.

     I am boiling a big pot of potatoes and another pot with a dozen eggs.  This way with the meat loaf I made and the spaghetti sauce I have thawed, meals are done through Saturday.  We have plenty in the freezer, so besides milk and maybe a few veggies we are set.

      I did not sew at all yesterday.  Just taxes and I barely brushed the surface.  But I had over $240.00 worth of work come in so I must sew something today or I will be behind. Carla has issued two new challenges that I am going to join, but I will set my own rules on the no(low) spending one.
     I feel like this challenge was really worth it, and it opened my eyes to how much I spend that I don't have to, but I also skipped a great many good bargains at the grocer store.  I use sausage in many recipes and it was on sale 4/5.  I did not get it, so now if I want to make one of my favorite recipes I will have to spend $3.99.  I have a nice food storage pantry, that I rotate and I love going down stairs and getting a jar of mayo that I bought for $1.99 on sale as opposed to $3.99 now.  If I truly lived this challenge all the time my pantry would be empty and I would be purchasing things at full price. Since I am such an undisciplined spend a holic and will use any justification to spend, I will allow myself to add really good grocery deals.  Not Christmas candy!  We all know where that would go.  We will leave the candy in the cart for Jane.

     Now can some one please tell me how to link up?  I am so not blog savvy and I do not have hours and hours to learn to be.  I need a tutorial.  I would also like to be able to add pictures.  But I can get one of my kids to do this with me or at least teach me.  I am not stupid, I can fix a computer just not run one!

    I have so much to get done today, so I had better get hopping!  It is so nice to feel good.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Meals done through Saturday!! that's awesome! I definitely can't pass a good grocery deal, especially if it's something that we regularly eat/use.

  2. It's always a good day when the body works! ;-)

    I'm with you on stockpiling when prices are low. I can't bring myself to pay full retail for anything anymore! But it takes discipline not to go off the deep end.

  3. Sent you an email. Hope it's helpful!

  4. I'm so happy you are feeling better!

  5. You must spend most of your days sewing! lol! Don't worry about the link-up, Kim... :) I subscribe to your feed so I'll get all your updates! Please don't stress over it! :)

  6. Hope your good day stretches into several! As for shopping I went to the grocery store today but talked myself out of several items because I don't need them today, but did splurge an extra dollar because my favorite dish soap was on sale. But I only bought one. We live in a condo and don't have a lot of extra storage space. By the time we get near the end of our dish soap I figure another sale will come along. I hope...
    I tell you I just love candy! I don't understand it but am proud to say I've cut 99.9% of it out of my diet for the past 3 weeks. When I get jittery I eat a couple of chocolate chips!