Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, dealing with snow

     Hubby and I went shoe shopping for him yesterday.  We could not find what he wanted at a decent price in Lewiston, so we called daughter at college and decided to drive up there as they have more sport stores and a better selection. Now it snows a lot on the prairie.  We have had a lot of snow and they have had twice as much.  But just like in the years that our oldest daughter was up there they don't take care of it.  So we pull in to the apartment complex and it is full of snowed in cars.  No one has moved since last Monday.  There are a few people dug out, but other than that just large lumps of snow.  You can't get into the building with out climbing huge drifts.  As her dad and I are hurtling up the snow to try and get to her door I here a car stuck and spinning.  I told hubby go help that young man and give him a push.
     He spun and spun the snow was so deep.  So I took the two cheap door rugs from B's apt and we put them just under the tires and he popped right out.  Joel was so amazed.  We always carried small rug remnants in our trunks in the Dakotas.  I guess we always have had 4 wheel drives and I do not ever remember getting stuck with Hubby.  I do remember being pulled a few times and it was scary.  But back to the college kids.  NO ONE HAS A SHOVEL.  Twenty-four apt.'s this side a nary a large spoon.  I know we pushed and dug people out on a regular basis at the University of Montana.  Are these kids just helpless?
     We went boot, shovel and grocery shopping.  We found boots, but we saw this same pair in Lewiston so we will buy them here and support our community.  We also bought 2 shovels, one small for the car and the other for the apartment.  Hubby dug out B's car and the two spots around her.  Which were immediately used by grateful students.  He also dug a path to her door.  The shovels are labeled and inside her apartment.  We also pushed out a total of 4 more people.
     I told B to take it easy on groceries as I was trying not to spend money.  We purchased a few things for ourselves and we stocked her up for the next month. B does not want to drive  until it is safer, which is fine with me.  She says she is walking so much she is sore.  But one accident can set us back thousands so I am glad she is just parking the car. (It will also save gas)
     One of the sport stores we looked at carried Fiesta wear dishes.  I love Fiesta wear, I always have.  Hubby saw these cute little syrup pictures and wanted me to get some. They were $15.99.  I said no they were too expensive (and they were).  But I am not buying anything that I don't need this month.  Yes they are cute, but they will be there and I will have a Birthday and Mother's Day. 
      All told we spent about $206.00 for groceries, shovels, dinner out. I felt lucky to get away with that as we did not get  B any groceries when she went back 2 weeks ago and she was down to ramen noddles.  I had also not bought any real groceries all month and the shovels were about $25.00.  With this no low spend challenge I hate spending money.  All I can see is my hard work going down the tubes. What I should see is that I am able to shop and not use a card or be behind on some other bill to get what I need.
      We are going out to dinner at a friends house tonight so I don't have to cook.  Yippee!!  I do have some hamburger that is thawed  so I think I will make a meat loaf with it for tomorrow.  My kitchen is a mess so I had better get busy and do something about that, maybe a little laundry on the side.

 Out My Window:  Beautiful sunny morning!  We will have a lot of melting today!

     Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.





  1. Jeesh - what would those kids have done without you and your hubby shoveling them out? Yes, I think we have pampered this generation a little too much. My daughter can barely do anything that would require her to exercise her muscles a little, but now I just use the excuse that I'm getting really really old and she has to do things for herself!

  2. Thank God T's campus was immaculate(they really do a great job of digging them out)! Also she is not allowed to have a car on campus(only seniors are) so she has to walk everywhere to hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe